Copy column to another collection - Code Stage


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Hi All.

I have a collection with 40 columns

I need to copy one specific column with all the data in that column to another new empty collection, which will only contain the data from this column.
From there on, the values will be checked for different rules, e.g. correct format, length etc.

Every column has to be copied in this way, to a temporary collection with one column.

Right now I pass all values seperately with a calculation stage inside a loop with: add row, Read Collection Field, pass value with calc stage.

But it takes much too long, I have collections with 5000 rows and often the process gets terminated this way.

All other solutions for this problem I have found so far e.g. Split collection dont work for my use case.

I think the best way would be to create a code stage with an input collection, output collection, and a data item for the column

Does anyone know how create a code stage for this, or has a performant solution for my problem?

Thank you in advance,