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    Filter a large Collection in Blue Prism

    Hi, I have an Excel File with up to 100,000 rows that need to be split it up. I need to filter the collection based on values in a column. These same values are added to their own individual workbooks. (Usually 10-12 workbooks in total) Looping through the collection is not optimal. Is there...
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    Copy column to another collection - Code Stage

    Hi All. I have a collection with 40 columns I need to copy one specific column with all the data in that column to another new empty collection, which will only contain the data from this column. From there on, the values will be checked for different rules, e.g. correct format, length etc...
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    Filter collection containing apostrophe in its values

    Hello Community, i'm facing an issue filtering a huge (about 4k rows) collection of strings: sometimes the field value is a string with apostrophe (example: "del'aqu"), and i need to filter the collection (like strategy) according that value, which is previously stored in a string data item; i...
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    Filter-Collection Blue Prism

    Hi All, I am having issues around [Utility - Collection Manipulation - Filter Collection] I have a Get Files action which gets all the files from a particular folder and outputs them into a collection in Blue Prism (there are 14 .txt files) I then use the Filter Collection Object to filter...
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    Set Collection Field Overwrites Previous Values Rows

    Hi everyone. I hope everything is well in these crazy times. So I have a problem when I am trying to Set Collection Field in my collection and that is that it overwrites previous values on other rows. I have my collection with 3 rows, I write in values on the first row and goes to row number two...
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    Compare multiple rows in a Collection

    Hi, I'd like to get ideas and tips for how to compare multiple rows in a Collection to group them together. The purpose is that the larger item (bytes) from the same date will be used for one purpose and the other for another. Se example: Items - Bytes - Date FieldX 1 50...
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    Transpose Collection

    Hello, As we all know Transpose collection in Utility Collection Manipulation VBO - Changes the horizontal cells to Vertical I was wondering is there any way to transpose collection from vertical cells to horizontal. Thanks in Advance! Himavanth
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    Interview Question

    I will you deal with the bulk data. You have an excel sheet with 500000 row in single sheet. You need to ,load it in the collection in blue prism. How will you deal with it ?
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    How can I merge columns of two collections together?

    Hello, I know the Utility - Collection Manipulation action "Merge Collections" exists, however this simply puts the columns side by side in one collection. I would like to combine one column with another ( i.e. collection of 1 column [length L] merged with collection of 1 column [length L] -->...
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    Two lines in collection a single collection

    Hi Guys, I have two lines of data in one row of collection, I need to get both of the data lines separately, I am attaching the screenshot below
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    How to spilt a text based on delimiter

    Hi All, I am relatively new to Blue prism.I have a scenario where in I have Multiple columns in my excel sheet and i have to split the text and add them to another collection My input is some thing like below Account ID Name Address 1243434 John Smith...
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    How to Change column data type in collection

    Hi I have a collection (read data from web page) , I wanted to to change one column data type to date time? How to do that? Intially that column is in text data type. From text to date time. How? Please give any suggestions?
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    manipulate a whole column in collection without using loop?

    Hi guys, Can I manipulate a whole column in collection without using loop? for example: Left([Collection.Column 1], 3) "Is there a way to apply to whole column without looping? cause if there are thousands of row it might take long to manipulate collection"...
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    Blue Prism - Click on a value stored in Collection and Navigate to a web page and scraping

    Hello RPA Enthusiasts, I'm actually trying to solve this issue since last 2 days and so far I have tried heaps of methods to achieve the objective. But i failed miserably. Please help!! I have attached pictures - however struck client info thanks The bot i'm creating would ideally need to...
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    Group data of a collection

    Hi, I've created a process that take data from a database and create a collection like that in fig1. This data must by taken from Outlook for send emails to those recipients and remind them that the activities must be completed within a certain date. The process works fine, but Outlook send one...
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    collection values comparsion

    I have a collection and i want to compare two values (From the screenshot) if UREF01 (BDW) = UREF02(BDW) Here UREF value contains 01 and same way BDW also contains some value likewise UREF contains 02 and BDW also contains some value. I wanted to check both BDW has same value or not. i.e
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    Add column values in run time for multiple filter conditions in collections

    Need you help/inputs for below scenario. I have a collection with 2K records and I need to filter that collection based on the business rules. For example: Collection A contains 4 columns i.e P,A,C,E and also has data(values) in it. I have filter rules like below if P column = "D" and A...
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    Referring to Nested collections

    I'm designing a process that get its queue from a excel file (one line - one item) - inside browser application this one item gets a number of mobile numbers to do actions on. After all actions on the mobile numbers are complete, it returns to the excel file to write a status in the...
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    Blue Prism excel

    Hi All, I have a scenario in which the original excel contains data like 1/1/2018 12:00:00 AM 1/1/2018 01:00:00 AM . . . 1/1/2018 23:00:00 PM Now sometimes we receives the file from source destination with missing data example : 1/1/2018 12:00:00 AM 1/1/2018 01:00:00 AM 1/1/2018 02:00:00 AM...
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    Filter Collection

    Hi, I tried in Utility - Collection Manipulation -> Filter Collection, Filter "Col like '0*'", this works... But I want to filter the column where the value starts with a number. Something like "Col like '[0-9]*'", is it achievable? Thank you, Jimmy