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    Get exact full CC mail ids from received Outlook mail

    Hi. I am trying to get exact full CC mail ids from the Input mail which Bot received. I am using Blue prism 6.6 version and customized Outlook VBO. Where i will get only "From" mail id not the CC mail ids. Issue Scenario: When a mail received in same domain (XYZ.com), outlook mailbox will only...
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    Outlook VBO Unailable

    Hi, ERROR: Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable. Getting the above error when trying to run Outlook VBO - Get received items basic. This occurs occasionally and stepping through manually...
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    Will bot be able to read the mail from Outlook , if the Work offline mode is on in Outlook?

    Will bot be able to read the mail from Outlook, if the Work offline mode is on in Outlook?
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    Can't get e-mails via Outlook VBO: Object variable or With block variable not set.

    Hi everyone, I've been running a process - in which I have to collect e-mails from Outlook - for quite few weeks without any problems, untill today. I'm using the MS Outlook VBO => Get Received Items (Advanced) action, the Filter Expression is entered correctly. Allthough I haven't changed...
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    Identifying HIGH IMPORTANCE when sending email through the Outlook VBO

    Good day BP Gurus! Any of you know how I could modify the Outlook VBO to have the ability to determine that I want an email sent with the HIGH IMPORTANCE option? Ideally, this would come as a parameter that I could either set to True or False and use False as default if left unspecified...
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    Sending email with Outlook VBO from virtual machine

    Hi, I am having trouble sending emails using the Outlook VBO on a machine different than the one I am logged on. I am running my process from a virtual machine on another resource machine. The emails are not sent though. The only way I can send them is if I login into the resource machine. I...
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    Embedding Image In Email Using MS Outlook VBO

    Hi, Doing some work with Outlook and looking into embedding an image in the email body using the MS Outlook VBO. All works fine when sending emails to Outlook accounts. However, when sending to a Gmail account, this fails as no image is showing in the email body Message Is HTML Flag is set...
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    Blue Prism 6.4.1. Ms Outlook VBO Save Attachment

    Hello Teams, i'm trying to use MS Outlook vbo to save emails attachments with .eml extension (trough Outlook). Neither Save Attachment nor Save Attachments nor Save email as file do this. System tells me that the element (i assume it refers to the .eml file) cannot be opened. I use the ID...
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    Out of Memory while reading emails

    I am trying to read emails from outlook mail box. Now I have created a custom vbo using vb.net code to read emails from one of the folders in outlook. I am using this object to read more than 1k emails from the folder. When I am reusing this object from another object and trying to debug this...
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    Monitor Outlook Shared Mailbox

    I am trying to monitor an Outlook shared mailbox. I have a code stage that works on my mailbox but fails on all shared mailboxes. There has been quite a few posts so far on this forum but I can't see any successful responses yet. Would appreciate it if you would reply if you have solved this...
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    6.4 and Outlook VBO: "Send As" functionality

    I am replacing the old Mapie VBO with the Outlook VBO since upgrading to BP 6.4. Mapie had an action allowing bots to switch Outlook profiles and this seems to be missing from the new VBO. One of my bots needs to send emails as a shared inbox we've set up. So far, I haven't found an out of the...
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    Using Gmail in Outlook account setup

    Hi All, I have a situation where 1. I configured outlook to use my Gmail account as the default Outlook account. 2. In doing so I am not getting any incoming email 3. When I do not use Gmail as default account I can send/receive the emails. However the Outlook VBO only works on Default...
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    No output using MS Outlook Email VBO

    Hi, I'm using BP version 6.3 and is trying to filter emails using the built-in MS Outlook email VBO to Get Received Items (Basic) and is filtering using email address but I'm getting no output for the Items collection. Using the sender name, there is an output. Have anyone tried this and...