1. M

    Virtual Meetup: PDF Operations in Automation 360 platform

    Join us today (15th Sep - 3 PM IST) for a virtual meetup to discuss about PDF Operations in Automation 360 platform. Our guest speaker and A-lister Theertha K S will walk us through a few cool demos on how you can work with PDF's. Register here: https://lnkd.in/gx5SUYuB
  2. B

    How to save a Adobe PDF file opened on Internet Explorer?

    Hi I am trying to save a pdf opened by an application directly on internet explorer tab. I have attached the correct window but I cant figure out a way to save the pdf to my local storage. I can't spy when the pdf is open (i can only spy with win32 mode if i kill the AdobeReader process on the...
  3. R

    Using urlmon.dll in CodeStage (C#) for checking MIME type of document

    I have to check whether a document is actually a pdf or not and someone hasn't renamed a .png to .pdf. So for this in Blue Prism I am writing a custom code using C# in an object. Actually I have to check the file binary MIME type and for this I am importing urlmon.dll in Code Options as a...
  4. S

    How to Save Word as PDF with Password

    Hi, I'm looking for a VBA for Word to save as PDF with password protect. Is there any quick solution for this?
  5. J

    pdf editing in blue prism (possibly without software or website)

    Hi, in our developing blue prism automation we need to write a simple text on the front page of an existing pdf document (invoice protocol). There is any kind of blue prism functionality to do that, without using specific software or website? Alternatively we can write in word and than export...
  6. R

    How to Extract PDF data to excel

    What are all the ways to extract PDF data to excel in blue prism.
  7. C

    Open Read Input in PDF

    Hi All Is it possible to open a PDF document. I tried to open it through pdf reader (BO) and Open PDF(Action) it opens as a word document. Once it opens certain paragraphs alignment has changed. (para in 2nd page is moving to the end of page 1 and so on other pages). my pdf is a 12 page doc My...
  8. A

    Wondershare PDFElement

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to use Wondershare PDFElement as an OCR tool (that also allows to split PDF's into multiple pages). However, Blue Prism can't spy any element of this software (neither using Windows mode or Java). Has anyone used this software before?
  9. H

    How to divide one pdf into multiple pdf's(based on no of pages) by using code stage in blue prism

    Hi all we have a requirement to create separate Pdf for each page in the main pdf so for this we have used ItextSharp Dll and we have used below code in the code stage however BP is not showing any errors but when we are trying to execute code stage we are getting "Internal : Exception: Object...
  10. S

    is there some way to Read PDF through OCR without launching it?

    I'm trying to read Image PDF (Not document). I have seen a lot of tutorials about reading Image PDF files using read text with OCR, but in all cases they are launching PDF files to read data or work with already opened PDF. However, I don't want to launch the PDF to read data.
  11. A

    OCR - Multiple PDF Files

    Hi, I've created a process that will read the contents of a PDF (using region mode) and write the values to data items. However this only works if I specify the file that I want it to open (in Chrome). How can I get it to loop through a specific folder of PDF's, read each one, and then write...
  12. N

    need to write in to PDF file..

    Hello All, i have requirement, we need read data from website and need to fill in PDF files. How we can write in to PDF files.. i already copy the data and pasting to word document but its not working.. Is there any alternative ??? regards, Naveen
  13. U

    Can we work with Multiple PDF's using BluePrism

    Can we work with Multiple PDF's using BluePrism. I have a Folder with 10 PDF's and need to extract the information from each PDF and process into Application. I know we need to launch and spy the PDF file and select the required elements using application modeler, but the question is can we...
  14. Sukesh Kumaru

    How to Convert Excel to PDF using Blueprism

    This is an Interview Question, how to convert Excel data to pdf using blueprism. Please share your valuable knowledge whether it is possibe or not, if possible how.
  15. S

    notifications disrupting OCR

    Hello, I'm trying to OCR a pdf and it is working near perfectly. But sometimes I keep getting some notifications from Dell or skype business. Is there a way to handle all of that? like no matter what disruption occurs the pdf should be spied. Thank you
  16. S

    PDF - OCR

    Hello, *****I'm trying to OCR pdf in region mode and I kept it as size to fit(it should be sized to fit in ADOBE READER for development purpose) as i need to take lots of data for example :the name of the company region. example: The actual pdf contains the name as : Americhem Inc...