Can't specify a Workbook Name when using Open Instance (Excel VBO)


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I'm trying to use a mixture of both the default MS Excel VBO actions, as well as some I made myself which are placed in an Extension object.

Just now I am:

• Creating an Excel Instance in the MS Excel VBO
• Creating a new Workbook (normally named Book1)
• Writing a collection to the default Worksheet
• Releasing the instance

Then, I would like to use the Open Instance action (which has been copied to the Extension object) to attach to the instance, so I can then use the actions stored in the Extension on the same sheet.

When I run the Open Instance action without a parameter set for [workbookname], then it does successfully attach and allow me to use the actions I created. However, this depends on the Excel instance I am using being the only one that is open, which won't always be the case. When I try and specify the workbook name, I get the below error


Can anyone explain why this is happening, and how I can fix?

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Marc Moran


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I believe this is happening because you're using two different Excel VBO's in the same Process (the default Excel VBO and your Extensions VBO). You can solve this by adding all of the actions from the default Excel VBO to your Excel Extensions VBO, and then only using the Excel Extensions VBO in your process. You will have to replace all of the actions that reference the Excel VBO with the identical actions now found in the Extensions VBO.