How to do a general mouse click in blue prism?

I want to have blue prism do a general mouse click on the desktop using coordinates; however, I don't want to have to attach any applications. This seems like something that should be easy to do since I know AutoHotKey can do it with little programming. When I use Navigate though, it always requires an application tied to the object. Any thoughts on how to do this? (I also tried to attach "explorer*" but it always came back with an error saying "more than one instance")
Hello KR2004,

In fact, you have the right answer, but perhaps you're not applying in the correct way.
If you create an application modeller with the following configuration:
type of application: Window Application
type of application: My Application will be already running
window title: [empty]
window process name: explorer
Then, only Next, Next....

You will be able to attach to the explorer and send mouse click or spy icons in the Desktop, for example.
If you still have the 'more than one instance' issue, please insert 'Child Index': 0 or 1 in the Inputs of the Attach action.