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    How To Automate Your Business With 4 Key Technologies

    Whether your company is in finance, manufacturing, or even life sciences, you get work done through processes. Processes are made up of tasks, which you organize into workflows. A new wave of digital technologies makes it possible to automate these tasks — and that workflow management — to...
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    Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) : Everything You Need To Know

    How much staff time does your operation spend processing documents? Most companies devote extensive human resources to this task: One major logistics company required more than a dozen employees to review and verify documents varying from bills of lading to letters of credit. A leading...
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    Forwarding/Deleting an email with Agilify

    Hello everyone, Lately I have been researching for some Outlook automation with Blueprism. I came to the solution of using Agilify but while trying to use any option where the Message ID is needed (such a move email, forwar, reply to an email or delete an email). I get all the time the...
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    passing arguments from Blue prism to python script

    I have developed a python script and need to integrate the script with Blue prism. But I cannot find a way to pass text arguments from BP to the script. How do I do that?
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    How to start with RPA?

    While RPA might seem like the latest buzzword doing the rounds in the tech industry, the technology itself has been here for over 11 years now, proving its usefulness in delivering the best results and ROI in a short period. Successful implementation of RPA promise organizations more than that...
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    Nividous Live Webinar: CNM LLP automates rate validation for client invoices using Nividous automation platform

    Discover the success story of CNM LLP, a leading accounting advisory firm, transforming its accounts payable (AP) process using Nividous’ business automation platform. CNM LLP successfully streamlined and automated the process of accurate invoice generation while reducing manual labor and...
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    Automating checking for compilation errors for an existing process in Blue Prism using Blue Prism object

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a BP object that checks for a particular process to see if it has any compilation errors. If it does, then it gets all the existing errors and screenscrapes them onto some variable for future reading - possibly onto a word doc. 1. Currently, I'm using Application...
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    Best practices for effective service desk operations during Covid-19 Pandemic

    Coronavirus is spreading rapidly worldwide and impacting many businesses. Most of the employee’s are working from home including support staff. Due to this situation ticket volume is increased so the workload of IT support staff is doubled. They need to provide good quality service to the...
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    Getting Started with Automation Webinar

    Join us on Jan 30, 2020, @ 1.00 PM EDT for a live webinar on Getting Started with Automation. Leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) alongside Digital Process Automation (DPA) platforms can prove to be a highly effective way for companies embarking on a digital transformation journey to...
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    I need help with a process. Can someone please have a look? screen shot attached

    I need help with a process. Can someone please have a look? screen shot attached
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    Hi All, I am learning Blueprism and currently cam across one exercise where I am opening first deal from "Today's deal section" on Amazon India website and trying to get prices and/or reviews of all products when clicked on first deal. To be simple I am doing below steps - 1. Open Amazon India...
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    Why, Where and How of RPA in Banking and Financial Services Industry

    Banking and Financial industry is growing exponentially, to support this growth, the industry has always adopted new age technologies that enables organizations to provide secure, faster and self-service solutions to customers. In the array of technologies, Robotic Process Automation is one of...
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    HTML Report from Blue prism

    Dear friends, I want to create one HTML report from the MS Excel document through Blue prism RPA automation, I have one hands on VB Script to do this, but in code stage its not working. If anyone done this kind of use-case, please help me with your valuable suggestions. Thanks
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    10 Best Use Cases to Automate using RPA in 2019

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a system that allows businesses to automate processes and tasks that are typically carried out by employees. This system can work across different applications, platforms, and departments. RPA integrates well with the existing IT infrastructure and doesn’t...
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    Reading unread emails

    Hello, I am trying to use the Email - POP3/SMTP Business Object in Blue Prism. I only want to read the unread emails in the mailbox and collect their attachments. Is there a way to do this in Blue Prism? I see I can use the List Messages Action, but I don't want to read all of the emails...
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    How to capture linux output in Blue Prism

    Hi all, I need to monitor the output of a program run on a Linux system. How can I capture the text output to the console using blue prism, so I can evaluate it within my script? Thanks, Luke
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    Blue Prism command line entries always in lowercase, need caps

    Hi all, I am automating entries into command line. In these commands I must specify my system name. These names utilize letters and numbers, and the letters must be in uppercase. I need to enter the system name as one data item for automation's sake. My current method of entry forces me to...
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    Putty automation/ Linux automation

    Hi Friends, I want to automate my application health check process and so Putty needs to be automated for checking some basic Linux commands and shell script execution. I have spied putty.exe file and host IP also entered, I could open putty, but unable to enter my credentials in it, pls help...
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    java Automation Oracle

    Hello guys, I'm trying to automate a functionality which is a java applet form Oracle EBS. I'm unable to spy the text boxes in the picture using HTML or java mode. I'm currently activating the window and using global send keys to enter the data. is there an efficient way to enter data?